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Supporting Our Community

From our wonderful customers to the whole wide world

Community is at the heart of everything we do. It's the reason we produce our famously great-tasting and gut-friendly products to improve the wellbeing of our incredible fans - that's you!

Over the past three years we’ve donated thousands of pounds to local charities and good causes to help improve the lives of people in our local community.

Scarborough Sea Cadets

Sea Cadets helps young people from all walks of life by giving them the resilience, self-belief and social confidence they need to make a decent life for themselves.

One in five teenagers are now shockingly experiencing mental health problems like anxiety and depression. And the widening gap between rich and poor is seeing huge numbers of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds being shut out of opportunities because they cost too much.

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“This will be an amazing addition to our activities allowing cadets and staff to enjoy what Mountain Biking has to offer. We look forward to putting the funds to good use this summer.”
Lt (SCC) Natalie Davies RNR

Western Wolds Men In Sheds

Western Wolds Men in Sheds is a large friendly shed where men from Market Weighton and surrounding villages can meet, chat and drink tea, share skills or learn new ones. They have a range of activities on offer and are always open to suggestions. The shed is guided by its membership and they invite everyone to come and join them and make things happen.

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“The great thing about the friendships forged in the Shed’s environment is that we can all learn from each other’s skill sets. This can now be expanded even further thanks to this valuable award.”
Graham West

Young People Count

Young People Count is a space for all young people aged between 11 and 18 living in or around Pocklington. It’s a place young people can call their own and be themselves. They offer support, advice and training to help bring out the best in people. They embrace talent through events and bringing people together.

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“We’re extremely grateful for the amazing donation from St Helen’s Farm to support local young people. It will be transformative and gives us a very firm foundation for the years that lie ahead.”
Claire Reading

The Community That Shaped Us

In 1986 when we began supplying goats' milk up and down the UK, we knew that there was a better way - a better milk. An alternative for consumers to enjoy natural dairy goodness without compromising on taste. We looked to nature, where we found milk bursting with vitamins and minerals, packed with prebiotics and slightly lower in lactose.

In those days, our community of goats' milk lovers could only buy from individual farms, and supermarkets concentrated on cows' milk products, making it challenging to buy. We received incredible demand following the launch of our natural nutritious and famously gentle milk. It spurred us to ensure that every home in the country could enjoy the gentle wonders of goats' milk.

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A Community Spirit

We love hearing the delight of customers who discover the gentle wonders of goats' milk.

We received incredible demand from you lovely lot following the launch of our natural, nutritious, and famously gentle milk. It spurred us to ensure that every home in the country could become part of that community and enjoy goats' milk's gentle wonders for themselves.

Just like those early days, we still love hearing from you…

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A Shared Ethos

Community is not just a word but an ethos: An ethos of serving our community of ardent fans, ensuring that they can both find and enjoy our deliciously gentle goats' milk products; a philosophy of supporting British family farmers who share our commitment to animal welfare; and an ethos that builds and supports the future prosperity of our local and international community.

We believe that by investing in our community, we can build a brighter future for all.

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