Back In The Family...

St Helen's Farm dairy is back in family ownership.

A K and Kidds

Angus and Kathleen Wielkopolski are delighted to take ownership of St Helen’s Farm again. They began the business over 35 years ago and have recently taken ownership of the dairy again.

Owners Angus and Kathleen Wielkopolski originally met at agricultural college and felt passionately about farming goats as, at the time, there were very few goat milk products available for people who wanted an alternative to cows’ milk products.

Back then, most of the goats’ milk products you could buy were from individual farms with nothing available in supermarkets. This meant that people looking for cows’ milk alternatives were very limited in terms of what they could buy.

Since then, the business has grown situated in the Vale of York it now grows its own crops to feed the goats as well as packs the entire range of goats’ milk products on-site in a purpose-built modern dairy. Supplying key retail customers.

We are responsible for all the farming operations, growing much of the goats’ feed, and now all the way to finished products ready for the supermarket shelves. We look forward to serving you all again.’ Angus Wielkopolski

Angus and Kathleen have always believed in offering excellent quality goats milk products for those who are looking for an alternative to cows milk. Bringing the dairy back into the family means they can continue to do this and serve our loyal consumers, whilst also continuing to farm sustainably.